• “We'd been looking for the right place for over a year and literally saw dozens of houses but we fell in love with this place the moment we saw it – in fact, we liked it so much we bought the furniture too! It's clear that the renovation was carried out with great care and respect  – so many places we viewed had been fitted out in the latest 'style' but we wanted a house with charm and one that wasn't like every other newly developed house. The design is well thought out and every detail considered – from the traditional door latches right through to the bespoke kitchen and the pretty cottage garden – and the finish is impeccable throughout. But it's not just about how it looks, it really works and is proving to be a terrific house to live in. Six months on we still LOVE our home.”
    Russell and Stephen bought 'Victorian Seaside Retreat' featured in Projects
  • “Martin has created a wonderful home for us in the cottage we bought overlooking the sea in Deal in Kent. He not only created a superb design for our kitchen, dining room, sitting room and bathrooms, but managed all the building works as well. Martin completely understood our needs and budget and we never had a cross word! He was brilliant at sourcing furniture and fabrics, from eBay and fairs to specialist suppliers and makers. It is without saying that Martin has an amazing eye for beautiful objects but also a keen eye for good quality and detail. I cannot recommend Martin more highly – or indeed Pip, his fabulous dog, who accompanies her master on all site visits!”
    Colin owns ‘Old haberdashery’ featured in Projects
  • “The idea of having one's place done up is great but the reality of it is a nightmare. I had no idea how much was actually involved from moving out and finding somewhere else to stay to finding the right items at the right price, budgeting, negotiating with builders, getting your ideas across and making them happen and many, many more! Martin was a Godsend! He completely took the stress away by coming up with brilliant solutions and suggestions when all I could see was disaster! He's a cross between an interior designer and a therapist. I called him my intuitive therapeutic designer. He manages to combine creative flair, a deep intuition of what you are looking for, a keen sense of what is essential and what is superfluous, what you should spend money on and what you shouldn't and all of this is done with the utmost therapeutic tact; I think he could have persuaded me to put a pink elephant in my living room! He was very good at expanding my vision and giving me alternatives to play with. He made what I thought was unmanageable manageable, and just when you feel like giving up or questioning why you ever started the project in the first place he reminds you of why you are doing it and puts your attention on the big picture, the finished product so that you are always fantasising and wishing for your dream to come true! He's like a motivator, coach, facilitator, negotiator, designer, producer all rolled into one! He is your companion/guide on your redecoration/redesign journey!”  
    Antony, Notting Hill, London
  • “Working with Martin has been a true highlight, he created a home for us which instantly made us feel like it had been part of us for years. Our guests never spend long before they comment what a beautiful house he has created. And it amuses and amazes.   He is sensitive to the period of the house without letting it confine you into one; he demonstrates how items from different decades can complement each other. Martin is very gifted with colours and fabrics making sure there is texture and warmth introduced. He can work with shades from 'daring' to 'dull' and make them sit comfortable together.   Another talent of his is he make the look natural and relaxed, he effortlessly styles the place to bring it all together. He listens and is attentive to client needs but without losing his faith, fun and spontaneity. A new email or text from Martin was always a positive moment. He will for sure get repeat business from us.”
    Kristina owns ‘Sea Pilot’s house’, featured in Projects
  • “We came across Martin in a feature in Coast magazine and decided to work with him almost immediately after our first meeting – he is that easy to put your trust in and like, which is so important when you are going to be working with someone on something which could prove stressful. We were first going to work with Martin on project management only but quite quickly expanded the brief to design as well as he started to give us ideas which have been so key in really making the most of the house. He was able to help (well actually make) us get really tight on the spec in a way which I am sure has saved us money overall.  He has amazing local contacts and sources which meant that we got great quality as well as good pricing on every element of the house from building to reclaimed timber to marble to carpentry to curtains. Some of his design ideas were nothing short of brilliant.  We have a much used and admired study area made from reclaimed timber and doors, which was actually a small corridor before, and a redesigned shower room that now seems twice as big as it did before. Martin works very flexibly and very openly. He takes time to genuinely understand your family, your needs and your likes and dislikes so that his plans genuinely reflect both his amazing taste and ideas but also you, so that you get an end result that you might have thought of if only you were also a talented designer! In my experience, people with Martin's design flair are often not great on project management and budget control - that is not at all the case with Martin. He manages the budget tightly, keeps you up to date and informed every step of the way on the schedule and, whilst ambitious in his vision, is intensely practical in achieving that vision for you. Ultimately what matters is the end result. We have a beautiful holiday home which looks amazing but is also super practical to use.  I can't actually believe that the process of getting there was also so enjoyable and that is all down to Martin.”
    Debra, owner of ‘Georgian townhouse’ featured in Projects